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Information on implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding or period? Women often ask this question with hope or fear, in regards to whether hypothetical pregnancy is desirable at the moment or not. Actually, implantation bleeding is nothing else than scanty bloody discharge of pinkish or brownish color. It occurs not in every woman and lasts normally just a couple of hours. Nevertheless, in rare cases implantation discharge may continue for 1-2 days which is the major reason why it’s often taken for the beginning of period. So, why don’t we dot all the i’s in this mishmash? [click to continue…]

Implantation Bleeding
All about implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding in early pregnancy signifies a connection of the fertilized egg or embryo to the uterine wall lining. A brownish or pinkish discharge of blood occurs during early pregnancy. This type of bleeding is also referred to as ‘Implantation spotting’. This brownish or pinkish discharge of blood is a clear indicator of pregnancy. Correctly recognizing the signs of implantation spotting will help you to distinguish it from a normal menstrual cycle. [click to continue…]

About Heavy Implantation Bleeding

All about implantation bleeding

Scores of women of childbearing age get worried when they experience abnormal vaginal discharges or bleeding that are not congruent to their normal menstrual periods. Some say it’s just normal while others consider it as a type of dysfunctional uterine bleeding especially when there is minor spotting and mild implantation bleeding. However, concern grows if the alleged implantation bleeding is heavy or lasts for an extended period of time. [click to continue…]

A wife who wishes to conceive will be desperately waiting for implantation bleeding to occur. The main reason behind this feeling is that implantation bleeding is usually a viable sign that the pregnancy is good. The other main aspect that one should look at is the kind of bleeding that occurs. The only possible way of knowing this is to carefully look at implantation bleeding. [click to continue…]

Implantation spotting or bleeding can be an early sign of pregnancy in some women, but what is implantation bleeding and when does it usually occur? First, to understand this early symptom of pregnancy, you need to know what happens during implantation. [click to continue…]

Some women experience spotting a week before period due to a number of reasons. For instance, spotting may be caused by stress, an existing medical condition, ovulation, or implantation bleeding. There are also women who experience spotting as a side effect of taking birth control pills. Find out more about this condition and determine if what you are going through is a normal occurence or something you should be worried about. [click to continue…]

Implantation bleeding is one of the earliest signs that you may be pregnant. This bleeding is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy, occurring in about 20 – 30% of all cases. Here you can learn more about why implantation bleeding occurs and how you can distinguish it from regular menstrual bleeding. [click to continue…]

Implantation bleeding is spotting (light bleeding), which happens before the time that a woman would normally expect her normal menstrual cycle. This type of bleeding is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms in a 1/3 of all women, and occurs when the ovum (female egg) and sperm meet and then the fertilized egg attaches onto the wall of the uterus. [click to continue…]